And the prize goes to …..

And the prize goes to …..

There are so many prizes awarding myriad different things that if would be a pity if no prize is awarded to the champion of the silly season.

There are currently three main contenders: the Gaffarena red herrings; the Identity Management office and the American Ambassador to Malta.

The Gaffarena red herrings:

It is true that filling newspaper space could be a bit of a problem during this silly season. But should one change one’s newspapers into a fish pond for the Gafferana red herrings allegedly informing us about whom they met, or dines with or who defended them in Court more than a decade ago?

As if anyone cares considering the make-up of the dramatis personae. Joe Gaffarena is a dubious character whose police record is quite copious. This not so flattering description was given by none other than Judge Mallia who was commissioned by the Prime Minister to hold an inquiry about the dealing of the Zammit and Gaffarena family.

His son Mark has received a multi-million euro gift from government. And he was on the verge of receiving much more from government had the press not blown another deal of his.

This is over and above the bonanza given to them some time after the election when their illegal petrol station was granted a government blessing. Giving credence to anything that these gentlemen say brings the meaning of the silly season to new heights or should I write ‘lows’. A fig leaf would give one more coverage and protection than anything that these gentlemen can concoct.

Identity Management Office

I have recently received a sort of letter from the Identity Management Office informing me of two PIN numbers which, according to a terse sentence in the letter, will allow me to access the electronic features of my new electronic identity card.

I did not have an idea of what I should do and equally ignorant where those who received it, some of them almost a year ago. So I phoned the Identity Management Office. I was told not to worry as the features referred to in the letter will only become active in 18 months’ time! Are these people for real? Do they expect those who receive the identity card to hand on to this letter for one and half years before being able to use the facilities?

American ambassador

I appreciate that given Malta’s small size the State Department of the United States can very rarely send over to Malta their brightest sparks. But has the said Department become so impoverished that they could not find any diplomat better than the present ambassador.

Anyone who watches the video that she has just released where she buffoons around several parts of Malta cannot but cringe in embarrassment for the lady herself and the country she represents. How shallow can this ambassador be?

Perhaps the three contenders should share the prize as the champion of the silly season.

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