Fast forward. Pause. Play.

Fast forward. Pause. Play.

Stereotypes have their advantages. They simplify the world around us making it easier for us to understand it. But they also tend to impoverish the world around us. They can make us see the partial vision projected by the stereotype without the full vista that reality consists of.

Let us take an example.

All know the Society of Christian Doctrine or MUSEUM. Would your knowledge, stereotypical or not, associate it with the screening of some of the best films produced these last decade? Probably not. But this – and more - is exactly what they would be organising between September 14 and 19.

Their billing includes Cuore Sacro by the Turkish/Italian director Ferzan Ozpetek; Tony Kaye’s Detachment; Four Minutes by the German director Chris Kraus and A Separation by the Iranian director Asghar Farhadi. The latter film was the first Iranian film to win an Academy Award and Kraus’s opus is also another award winner.

All these films present us with profound human stories and provide excellent subjects for group discussion and personal reflection.

In fact, the week of activities is aimed at stimulating discussion and reflection. Every evening kicks off with a discussion starting at 6.30pm. Health, ethics and the economy, the justice system, the family and youths are among the subjects that will be debated by different well known speakers.

The environment that will house the activity is Dar il-Hanin Samaritan, side by side with St Michael’s School in Santa Venera, the secondary school run by MUSEUM. The house and its garden/open spaces have been artistically designed by Richard England. Walking along the open spaces is an aesthetic experience in itself.

The title of the activity is also very intriguing. “Fast forward” represents the kind of life that most of us live. “Pause” is the invitation the organisers are making so that we slow speed and reflect. “Play” is the hoped for result of this reflection: a more balanced style of living not just our personal lives but our communal and societal ones.

This is an activity not to be missed.

Those who are interested can either email or phone 7944 4700.

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