Bullies engaging with residents

Bullies engaging with residents

“I am a strong, fearless bully. I can beat you senseless three times a day. But I happen to be a very kind hearted bully so I will only beat you senseless three times a week. Aren’t you lucky to have me as your next door neighbour.”

Luck is made of different stuff I thought, but this guy has a different opinion. Should I cry or should I laugh?

Now go to last Sunday’s edition of The Sunday Times of Malta. It carried an interview with a director of Townsquare Sliema Ltd, the company of the big-moneyed bullies who want to build a monster of a skyscraper in the middle of Sliema. Like the bully in the beginning of this piece this gentleman wants us to believe that we, the common people of this country, should be thankful for what they will be doing.

He said:

“This is not a choice between going up [For this read: beating you senseless] or nothing [Please read:  not beating you at all]. It is a choice between up [beating you three times a day] or across  … we are building 3000 square meters less than we are entitled to [only beating you three times a week].”

And for all this we should be thankful as all this is for our good.

He said that they are going to give the open space “which Sliema has always needed. … this is the best option for Sliema.” And later he said that they changed the plans to accommodate the residents.

These big-moneyed bullies are so kind hearted after all

How generous of them! How stupid people can be to protest! He actually said this but in nicer words:

“Unfortunately, people who are commenting are not really competent in the field.”

The gentleman conceded that “there will be some disturbance”.

But why should we complain since this is all for our good? Just a little patience while the monster is built.

“We have all lived nest to building sites and we have all had to be patient during the construction phase.”

So tagħmlux għageb please. Don’t be ungrateful Maltese gemgem. Just be a little patient so that these people can line their pockets with more  gold then they already have.

All this is for our own good.

These big-moneyed bullies are so kind hearted after all. We all love you so much. Thanks for beating us senseless only three times a week.


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