Millions for the bullies; peanuts for the natives.

Millions for the bullies; peanuts for the natives.

The big-moneyed bullies who are ruling the roost and making millions thanks to pre-electoral shady deals have now decided to add insult to injury.

The Times of Malta informed us of this yesterday.

In a story penned by Philip Leone Ganado we were told that:

“The upcoming high-rise projects in Mrieħel and Tigné would each contribute €50,000 to a new artistic fund, according to the Office of the Prime Minister.
The funds have not yet been allocated as the two permits granted last month were still not executable, an OPM spokesman said in response to questions from this newspaper. This is due to a pending appeal over the 38-storey Townsquare project in Tigné, while in the case of the towers at Mrieħel, the developer is yet to pay the bank guarantee and other required fees.

We are not stupid. Even if we were, we would not buy the deal.

The developers would have to contribute €50,000 to the artistic fund before development could begin, the spokesman said.”

Incredibly insulting isn’t it.

They ruin the environment for present and future generations. They make millions from doing it for their present generation and for their future generation. And then to show how magnanimous and generous they are, they feed us natives some peanuts. It could be true that we humans descended from apes and monkeys but we have moved up the evolutionary ladder since that time.

We are not stupid. Even if we were, we would not buy the deal: millions for the bullies; contributions to populate secret accounts, and peanuts for the natives.

Stop insulting us and our intelligence.


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