Moira Delia: I'd make dog-friendly offices compulsory

25 questions for the animal rights activist

Moira Delia

Age: 46

Occupation: TV show host/producer, animal rights activist

Best memory from the Malta of my youth is… riding my bicycle safely in the streets with barely any cars to worry about.

Malta's biggest challenge is… going green.

My life motto is… live life to the fullest.

The best thing I've recently read was…an interesting article about gorillas in National Geographic’s September issue.

The one concert I really, really remember is… Coldplay.

Facebook is… great social media platform which can help people communicate effectively but unfortunately sometimes it is used negatively and brings out the worse in people.

If I could give a prestigious prize to a Maltese in any category, it would be… Rosalind Agius for her constant work in rescuing and re-homing homeless dogs.

My ideal Friday night is… having friends around, getting cosy and watching a film.

If I didn't do this job, I’d pursue a career in… athletics with interior design on the side. I always want the best of both worlds.

I never expected my profession to be as… enjoyable yet challenging as it is.

My favourite quote right now is… I'm mostly 'peace, love and light' and an occasional 'Go f*** yourself!'

If I could be any age for a week, I would be… 10 - to eat as many chocolates as I want while not having to worry about anything in the world.

My favourite word is… ħanini.

My first thought when I woke up this morning was... My dog's breath really stinks but I still don’t mind it.

Which celebrity would you like to sit next to on a public bus ride? Brigitte Bardot.

When I die, I hope people remember me as… the voice for animals.

My next vacation spot will be… Madrid but only because my friends chose the destination. I would much rather visit Berlin or Amsterdam.

Roof-top terraces are meant for… chillout music without annoying the neighbours.

If I had to describe my life using film titles… Dr Doolittle – The Female Version.

If I could take credit for any great piece of art/song/film/book it would be… Cirque du Soleil.

If I was the CEO of a company I would... make dog-friendly offices compulsory and I would ban grumpy unfriendly people in the office.

If I was on death row, for my last meal I would order... my boyfriend's Thai soup, the best home-made vegetarian burger and chips, my mother's jam tarts for dessert, topped off with a cup of tea.

I get my best ideas when… I drink wine.

If there was only one App I could take to a desert island it would be... Instagram.

Working to live, or working is living? Without a doubt, I work to live.

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