Watch: School cameras capture 'ghost' vandalising lockers

Head posted video on Facebook saying hard to completely rule out prank

A motion-sensor camera at an Irish school has captured strange activity in the middle of the night, with a door slamming open in a corridor and lockers being rocked.

At one point, one of the lockers flies open, sending papers inside it flying.

Kevin Barry, the head of the Deerpark School in Cork, which was built in 1828, said it was not possible to completely rule out that it was a prank, but that he posted it on Facebook just in case it really was a ghost.

The Facebook site is garnering hundreds of comments, many of them sceptical.

One person wrote: "If you turn down the volume (important so you can stay objective) and blow up the video right after the sign gets kicked, you’ll see where it looks like there’s a shadow that appears to have been photoshopped out under the locker right after the sign gets kicked. I don’t believe in ghosts. Lol. Sorry. I think it’s a fake."

But the Deerpark site administrators have assured the readers that 'nothing is behind the lockers to right, that's an external wall (on the first floor). Behind the lockers is a caretakers' storeroom - it's a solid wall verified by RTE who visited Monday.'


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