On Monday, see St John’s Co-Cathedral as you have never seen it before

The Roman Domus and St Paul’s Catacombs will also be free of charge on Monday

St John's Co-Cathedral will be open for public viewing free of charge after 5pm on Monday, a public holiday. Visitors will also have the rare opportunity to view the internal balcony which was recently re-opened.

The event is being organised jointly by the Ministry of Justice and Culture and St John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation.

Cynthia de Giorgio, curator of St John’s Co-Cathedral explained the function of the balcony, which serves as a connection from inside the cathedral to the bell towers.

It was embellished together with the main door under the Grand Master Nicholas Cotoner.

The Roman Domus and the St Paul’s Catacombs, both in Rabat, will also be open free of charge, all day, on Monday. 


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