Sliema council 'appalled' by lack of supervision at Townsquare project

Council notes it has no power to punish construction rule-breakers

The Sliema council said on Tuesday it was appalled at the authorities were failing to supervise developers of the Townsquare high-rise project. 

A photo of a dust-choked Qui-Si-Sana taken last Saturday prompted anger and consternation among residents there and quickly spread across local social media feeds.

Concerns about the construction dust continued to roil on Monday, with the developers' lobby saying the project owners have promised to work with them to reduce inconvenience.

The council said this was not the first time that it had to report the same construction site to the authorities, principally the Building Regulations Office.

It said it had the duty to report infringements at any construction site to authorities which were there to enforce environmental laws, given that councils had no enforcement jurisdiction on construction sites.

The council assured residents it would not be complacent and would maintain direct contact with authorities and developers in Sliema, to ensure respect of the law and that construction activity would cause the least possible inconvenience.

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