New law to 'reposition' gaming sector

Legislation will be consolidated into a single law

The government has announced a review and consolidation of legislation on the gaming industry into a single law aimed at repositioning the sector.

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri said on Tuesday that after 14 years which saw the industry grow to 12 per cent of GDP,  the new legislation would repeal existing laws and replace it with a single act while strengthening regulation.

Mr Schembri said that the government wanted to ensure that the gaming industry continued to be run responsibly, fairly and free from criminal activity. in this way, Malta could continue to provide a safe and well-regulated environment where the industry could develop and innovate.

Reacting to reports by The Times of Malta over the cancellation or revocation of five gaming licences following Italian anti-mafia probes, Mr Schembri confirmed that the Malta Gaming Authority was looking deeply into the operation of Italian operators in Malta. The fact that action had been taken proved that the regulator was doing its job.

He said that due diligence and scrutiny were an ongoing exercise at the MGA and action was taken as soon as information of impropriety reached it.

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