Baby found buried alive in Montana forest

The baby didn't have the lung capacity to cry anymore

A 5-month-old infant is recovering after being buried alive in cold western Montana woods for about nine hours. A 32-year-old man was charged with criminal endangerment.  

Police said it was a miracle they found a baby alive on Sunday after an hours long search in cold western Montana woods. 

"The sound I heard was an exhausted, tired baby who couldn't, didn't have the lung capacity to cry anymore," a sheriff said.

The search began after officers received calls about a man acting strangely near Lolo Hot Springs.

That's where they found a drugged up 32-year-old Francis Crowley, who told them he'd left a baby buried in the woods.

He told a court he put the baby down because he was 'very heavy,' but Crowley expressed remorse later at his arraignment.

It's still not clear who the child's parents are, but police say he's recovering in good condition in the hospital.  

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