What happened on... January 17

What happened on... January 17

10, 25 and 50 years ago

10 years ago - The Times

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Utility bills workings – Model ‘correct’ but data not verified

An independent study found that the model used to draw up the new energy bills was correct but when it was compiled the data’s accuracy had still not been verified.

The exercise was carried out by auditing company Deloitte on behalf of the Malta Resources Authority. The MRA was not involved at all in the process when the new energy bills were being worked out and it only came into the picture later to verify the model and the methodology used.

Unions seek answers from resources regulator

The 11 unions disputing the new utility bills turned to the MRA to clarify a number of issues after the Prime Minister refused to meet them.

Over the past four weeks, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi twice directed the unions to the MRA and they finally relented yesterday by writing to ask for the information they seek.

The unions asked for a chronological statement of the revision process and for details on the authority’s involvement in the matter, asking the regulator to treat their questions with urgency.

25 years ago - The Times

Monday, January 17, 1994

Car hits would-be car thief

A would-be car thief got more than he bargained for when he tried to open a car at Marsa yesterday. He was accidentally hit by a moving car and ended up in hospital with slight injuries. The man is aged 48 and from Marsa. The accident happened in the Ħamrun bypass.

Explosion destroys store

The larger part of a store in the heart of Qormi was reduced to rubble on Saturday night in an explosion that is thought to have been caused by chemicals used for the curing of bananas.

No one was injured but an elderly couple watching television in their bed on the other side of the common wall rushed out to the street in shock as wide cracks appeared in the wall. They have been advised not to sleep in the house while architects assess the damage.

The damage took place at around 9.45pm in narrow Ellul Mifsud Street. It brought down both roofs in the two-storey building and masonry badly damaged the front section of a Transit van parked outside.

The van belonged to a neighbour, living opposite, who said there was a tremendous explosion followed by a thick cloud of dust and the rumble of falling stone slabs. Splinters were blown across the street, but caused no damage.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Friday, January 17, 1969

Prime Minister postpones return to Malta

Prime Minister Dr Borg Olivier postponed his departure for home in order to continue financial talks with the British government. He had originally planned to leave tomorrow after attending the Commonwealth Conference which ended yesterday, an aide said.

Dr Borg Olivier today led his officials in one-and-a-half hours of discussions on the second five-year half of the 10-year Finance Agreement which his country signed with Britain in 1964. The British side was headed by Mr Reginald Prentice, Overseas Development Minister.

Salesian Brother’s jubilee

Brother John Caruana will be celebrating the golden jubilee of his religious profession tomorrow. A Thanksgiving Mass will be celebrated at St Patrick’s church, Sliema, at 11.30am and at 5.30pm there will be a presentation ceremony in his honour.

Brother Caruana made his novitiate at San Gregorio and spent his first five years  in Sicily. He has been in St Patrick’s School, Sliema, for the past 45 years. Among the duties entrusted to him is that of Infirmarian. His fidelity and devotion to the sick have earned for him the respect and gratitude of past and present pupils.

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