Watch: Nursing manager behind order banning religious symbols

Watch: Nursing manager behind order banning religious symbols

Politicians should not hinder religious expression - minister

Video: Jonathan Borg

The Primary Health Care Nursing Manager was behind a circular ordering the removal of all religious symbols from health centres, Chris Fearne said on Monday.

The Health Minister’s comments come a day after he ordered the revocation of a directive asking health clinics to remove all religious symbols, such as holy pictures stuck to walls.

The minister said he had not been consulted on this matter.

Mr Fearne said he had asked the CEO of Primary Health Care to investigate and take disciplinary action if necessary.

Asked by the media about the separation of Church and State, he said politicians should not hinder religious expression.

"This is an issue of personal devotion that politicians should stay out of. We are not forcing anyone to put up religious symbols, however, I believe we should not stop anyone who feels that they want to express their devotion in this manner."

The reasoning behind the circular, meant to be implemented immediately, was that health centres were a public entity, and should be considered to cater towards a multi-cultural society.

In a tweet on Sunday afternoon, Mr Fearne said he disagreed with the decision and that he had ordered that the circular be immediately revoked.

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