• Whose public morals?

    Whose public morals?

    Let me put it this way: could someone who understands the law and court sentencing explain to me why would a man who is found guilty of sexually abusing a vulnerable woman in his spiritual care over a period of time gets a three-month suspended...

  • Do you suffer from Trumpitis?

    Do you suffer from Trumpitis?

    I can’t deny that I am in rather a deranged state when I wake up in the middle of the night. Whether I break out in a sweat during a horrendous nightmare or stir from a sweet dream, the first thing I do when I come to is check the time on my phone.

  • We refuse to be part of the freak show

    We refuse to be part of the freak show

    Like other news organisations, we were sent the video of what looks like a severely disturbed woman jumping naked into a rubbish truck and resisting the police in Paceville. While the video is perfect fodder for clickbait we decided not to publish...

  • When clicks are the most important thing

    When clicks are the most important thing

    The news cycle in Malta is a strange thing and when I say strange I really mean shameful. Same goes for the comments posted on social media really. I honestly don't understand how someone can go from "oh thanks be to God, they found them alive"...

  • Rewarding sexual predators

    Rewarding sexual predators

    I’m fed up of having to write these posts, seriously. Then again, the alternative is to just accept everything without a whisper, allowing the system to ride roughshod on unfortunate individuals as it pleases. So, despite, knowing that I will not...

  • From watch towers to grabbers’ towers

    From watch towers to grabbers’ towers

    This is the year 2017. We live in enlightened days, the best of times. We have class, cash, chic style, classic and fancy cars. You name it, we have it. We, the Maltese, are the privileged of the Mediterranean. Nothing is wrong here; and if, like...

  • Blair's paradox

    Blair's paradox

    As expected, Tony Blair’s recent private visit to Malta raised eyebrows. Then again, beyond one’s own political orientation, Blairism is not easy to digest. I say this as someone who voted for Blair’s Labour consistently, and while I have no...

  • Finding an alternative route

    Finding an alternative route

    It seems our newly wedded and newly crowned Minister for Transport wants to show us just how much he has rolled up his sleeves and got down to business. Either that or some EU funds are about to expire. Whichever it is, Ian Borg has decided that...

  • Liberals my ar*e!

    Liberals my ar*e!

    When I hear Maltese politicians dropping the word “liberal” in every conversation, I cringe. It’s not only because I find their use of the word bereft of any context, but because any effort to define what this all-encompassing word has come to...

  • The environment, history and geography

    The environment, history and geography

    As one does these days, I was having a conversation with several friends on social media about excessive construction in Malta. The starting point was whether the outrage one reads in Maltese media about over-development is actually happening in a...

  • Petrol stations ad infinitum

    Petrol stations ad infinitum

    Yesterday the Planning Authority gave a permit for yet another petrol station, presumably to help sustain the congestion on our roads. This will take up around 2,900 square metres of open, arable fields. Yesterday it also granted a permit for a...

  • Let harmony reign

    Let harmony reign

    I love weddings. When the spouses are people close to me I feel - like most of us do no doubt - a deep feeling of love. Marriage is a beautiful bond, celebrating all that is good in life: life itself, love, partnership and a promise of lifelong...

  • The tricky question of loyalty

    The tricky question of loyalty

    So, finally, the Marriage Equality law has finally arrived. No, don’t worry, I am not going to rake over the debate of natural/traditional/pro-family versus liberal/progressive/equal-rights-for-all debate. Nor am I going to comment on how the...

  • Developers target Balluta again

    Developers target Balluta again

    Balluta Buildings is one of the first large apartment blocks in Sliema. Built in the late 1920s, today it is one of the finest Art Nouveau buildings in Malta. Apartments were already in demand back then. The photo shows Balluta when this block was...

  • Of Nats, prats and pizza parlours

    Of Nats, prats and pizza parlours

    After their painful thrashing at the polls, you would think that the politicos within the Nationalist Party would take a step back, pick up the pieces and reorganise themselves whilst doing what every opposition should do, hold the government in...

  • Tear the other cheek

    Tear the other cheek

    I was not going to blog about the whole New York Best campaign saga, because we are in the 21st century and we really should not even be acknowledging the opinion of those who would like to drag us back to the 18th. Let them express their opinion,...

  • Of oranges, carobs and loose alliances

    No, I am not going to engage on a tirade against Archbishop Charles Scicluna. But I have to say, his analogies need a bit of polishing. His take on oranges and carobs is faulty to the extent that here we are talking about fruit, at the very least...

  • “Kulħadd irid jiekol”

    “Kulħadd irid jiekol”

    My car was forced to a standstill as a heavy vehicle bulldozed its way into the street through a cloud of dust, belching noxious fumes in its wake. A flimsy steel fence separated a gaping deep hole in the rock face from several stranded drivers...

  • An unsavoury defence

    Former GWU boss Tony Zarb has branded Opposition MEPs discussing Malta and the Panama Papers in the European Parliament as ‘traitors’. But over the last year, the same Panama Papers, politicians and advisors, have been discussed endlessly in the...

  • Small dogs, big dogs and silly laughs

    Small dogs, big dogs and silly laughs

    While Joseph Muscat, his followers and his many admirers gloat and plan more good times for all of us, the PN are seemingly at a low ebb not imaginable even in the worst sadist’s thoughts. The PN did not only lose the election, they were...


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